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    So this is my ear after buying “silicone” tunnels. They were obviously a cheap plastic, as I have had silicone before with no problems and actually love them. They fit perfectly, so they didn’t stretch and my dr did confirm this was an allergic reaction as it spread to my neck and glands. My ears have not been stretched since last spring.
    What’s awful: my ear is swollen, red, itchy, and oozing! And I take great are of my ears. It was so tight, I couldn’t even fit my finger through my 35mm hole. I have a rash on my neck and swollen glands.
    How it can be fixed: I am currently on antihistamines, steroid cream,and an antibiotic cream. So doing my treatments and icing them will keep the swelling down. Make sure you know where your plugs are coming from and what is inside them. These are obviously not quality jewelry here.

    Kaos or nothing

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    Silicone is fucking disgusting to wear even in healed piercings anyway..
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    This is why you pay for high quality jewelry kids.
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    Ouch! poor lobies :(
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  36. midtermmassacre said: Ouch!! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!
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    Kaos or nothing
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